V Belt Pulley

v belt pulley

V-Belt Pulleys are mainly used in Enhancing or Reducing the Speed of the Torque. Generally it gives the links towards two or more Revolving or Rotating Shafts. V Belt Pulley is also used to solve the Slipping Problem and Alignment Problem. In simple way, V Belt Pulley are used to change or upgrade Ability of an Automotive. In Pulley Belt has the "V" shape, so belt is not slipping. V-belts have more thickness than flat belts so it must need to use Superior Pulleys.

V Belt Pulley are supplied in various types and fixed lengths. We can also join up two or more V Belts side-by-sideto get Higher Power Ratio. This type of Joining is known as Multi-V. There is one big disadvantage of Multi-V belts is, they run at a very slow speed compared to normal V-belts.

We are designing these pulleys as per the requirments of the clients. These pulleys are made from high quality cast iron and cast steel. Our Customize Pulleys are highly appreciated by our valuable clients. Our Pulleys works on less maintenance, and they are siple in operating.


  • Easy to Install or replace
  • Available in Solid type, Web Type, Spoke Type, Rib Type
  • Pulleys are available in range of 2" to 36"
  • Customize sizes available as per drawings for bulk qty. for continuous supply
  • Belt Section in pulleys are available in A, B, C, SPA, SPB, SPC
  • Maintenance free
  • Proper Transmission of power