Timing Pulley

timing pulley,timing belt pulley

Timing Belts are also known as Toothed Belt. The construction of these belts is as under. if we put many teeths on a surface these tooths help the belt and fitting into the Matching Pulley. if they correctly set into pulley then there is no chance of slipping down. then Timing Belts runs on a same speed and it is used for transfering direct for indexing. This Advantage is a big advantage for Timing belts so it is widely used in industries.

There are some disadvantages of Timing belts. that is as this Timing belts have high price comparetively more than other belts. If you want to use it, than you must have Toothed Pulleys which are specially made for Timing Belts. The biggest disadvantage of it6 is Overloading and Jamming. Timing Belts do not provide any protection for this situation.

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