Flat Belt Pulley

There are various types of pulleys available in the industries and among this range of pulleys Flat Belt Pulleys are the most commonly used Pulley in industries. From the name of it we can know about it. The Flat Belt Pulley works on a Multi-Groove or Poly Groove Belt. This type of Pulleys are mainly used to Transfer Electricity. Flat Belts were used in Shafting to Provide Power in Factories in old days.

Now it used in Water Pumps and Electrical Generators. In older days, best sources of power transmission was the Flat belts. But now a days Flat Belts used for Conveyors. Size of the Flat Belts are thinner so we make them smaller than V-Belt pulleys. They mainly require flat pulleys and flat pulley idlers.

Flat belts need lot of high tension in heavy loads. this is the main reason that V-belts used more than Flat belts. V-belts are much lighter and easy in use. so V-belts are widely used in this field.