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Spur Gears are also known as Straight-Cut Gears. When we join the parallel and co-planer shafts togather with the help of Gear, this connection is known is Spur Gear. Spur Gear is made up from either cylindrical disk or disk with teeth projecting radically. Spur Gears are used for revolving movement between two shafts with a stable ratio. The smallest gear is Pinion Gear and the largest gear is Gear Wheel.

Spur Gears are low cost gears so they are become more famous than other gears. They also have the capacity of low power consumption when we transmitt power with the help of shafts for transmitting power. If we change in the number of teeth of Spur Gear then we can control the speed of the gear.we can increased the speed as per requirements or decreased the speed as per our product requirements.

Spur gears are made from the following materials
Steel Hardened teeth Cast iron Bronze
Stainless steel Aluminum Nylon Non-metallic phenolic
Spur Gear is very easy to be produced and provide lower but desired results.
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